Wetar is one of the fastest growing flooring solutions company in UAE and the GCC

With qualified associates of industry experience ranging upto 25 years on our board and a record of 100% satisfied clients, we have built a name for ourselves over time. We have a very diversified workforce and thrive on our employees' dedication towards the company. Quality over quantity, employee welfare and customer satisfaction are some of our values. As every other company, Wetar too had humble beginnings. Our only aim was and is to provide aesthetically appealing yet sustainable floors at competitive rates. We gradually partnered with some of the world's top flooring manufacturers, gained regular clients who trusted our products and our work and slowly climbed up the ladder. Today, we have gained an insuppressible reputation in the industry, solely through the hard work and toil of our sincere employees. We bring you a wide collection of eco-friendly products for both indoor and outdoor floors along with playground and sports equipment. Trust us with your floor, rest assured, you will be astonished to see what we can do with it! 

Our Mission

Achieve our vision with valuable products, innovative designs and exclusive service experience with preferential installation that exceeds customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be the market leader in providing trendy yet eco-friendly and sustainable flooring solutions with a quality of service that exceeds our client’s expectations

Our Values

  • Teamwork : We’re a diverse workforce with diverse perspectives yet our focus remains the same.
  • Goal-oriented: We work looking at the finish line, facing and overcoming every obstacle together.
  • Resilient: We are never bogged down by situations, we rise up like a phoenix out of the ashes each time.
  • Respect : We carry manners and politeness to our workplace, making it a positive workable environment.
  • Open communication: Our culture gives everyone equal opportunity to talk, participate and make a difference.

Our Competencies

  • Diverse, experienced workforce
  • Efficient project management
  • Quality partnerships
  • Timely delivery
  • Versatile products